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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Michael Dell Founder

Dell is the corporate company which was founded by Michael Dell at 1984 while it have started he is only 19 years old.DBA is fully focused to sale IBM-pc components to the customers.Michael belive the PC limited have more knowldge about customers.He also make most effective computer solutions for their customers.

In earlier stage dell built computers from stock components,In 1984 the company launch new product "Turbo pc" with intel 8088 wants sale directly to the customers,Custom assembled are also available.After more than decade's years dell becomes No.1 World wide computer system provider.

In 2002 Dell expand its limit and tabbing into Multimedia and Home-Entertainment produce televisions and digital audio players and printers for home and small-business.2016 Dell and EMC together become Dell Technologies - the biggest technology integration in history.

Dell mission statement 2013. “Our mission is to be the most successful IT systems company in the world by delivering the best customer experience in all markets we serve. In doing so, Dell will meet customer expectations of: highest quality.

Recent News about Dell:-
* Now a days Gaming is the very huge and fastest growing technology,Dell announce alienware and new inspiron for VR and Gaming.In 2017 Dell fully focused on make better experience in gaming with dell said by Ray wah,vice president of dell india.

Also said “Other growth area is the 2-in-1s," he added. "For customers who already have their first notebook or PC are looking for the next thing like touchscreen, thinner body."

In my point of view Dell should have concentrate with cost effective in india,Dell-EMC one of the leading brand in India also have good hardware production and warehouse in india.Now people are interested and having knowldge about only inspiron,Alienware and XPS are cost wise little bit high will not get for middle class people even a EMI.But overall performance and marketing stategy is so good.

* Dell-EMC is now closly watch cloud computing for upcoming smart cities in india.In dian goverment announce a plan about smart cities in india.In future Dell-EMC has become the dashboard of all smart cities in india with partnership with Prysm Inc., with the collage of prysm gives some added advandage for smart cities.prysm can provide individual dashboard for utilities.

"The push towards a digital economy requires cities to meet new challenges, accommodate new ideas, adapt to new orientations and become sustainable. The Smart Cities project is a tremendous opportunity. While Dell has the competencies to develop a strong digital blueprint and foundation for smart cities, our partners bring expertise of applications for enablement of smart services. I welcome Prysm in our endeavor to strengthen our Smart City Solution ecosystem," said Director -Director Strategic and Mega Business DELL EMC, Ravinder P Singh.

With the PC market finally showing some stability towards the end of 2016, Dell was among the top five companies that posted a productive last quarter. In fact, according to IDC’s report, the company managed a positive year-on-year growth in every region with strong notebook and desktop volumes being shipped.

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